What Are We All About?

Prevent. Detect. Outsmart. ®
In our view, the world of breast cancer can be described in three ways – PREVENT. DETECT. OUTSMART.® If you are at high risk, take whatever measures you are able and willing to take to PREVENT it. Be proactive and give yourself the opportunity to DETECT it as early as possible, if you are diagnosed. OUTSMART it through the best care and treatment, if breast cancer is detected. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if you feel it’s necessary. You are your own best advocate.

Help Yourself
CHECK THE GIRLS ®. Do this through self breast exams, yearly checkups, mammograms, and risk assessment. On the Resources page, we’ve provided a brief list of some resources on breast health and breast cancer. There are a lot of resources available and this list is by no means all-inclusive. We’ve provided some of the resources that have been useful to us.

Help Others
Visit our retail space and purchase fun apparel and other items. We commit a portion of all net retail proceeds to Check The Girls Foundation, which is our non-profit branch that provides funding for breast screening services for uninsured and underinsured women who do not have the means to pay for such services. Nearly 100% of donations made directly to Check The Girls Foundation will go toward services for women in need.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to Check the Girls Foundation, contact Tricia Roberts at (712) 644-4423 or troberts@checkthegirls.com.

Share Your Story
Many draw strength from learning about another person’s journey. We hope you will consider sharing your own story or that of a loved one. You can also read our founder’s personal story on this page and learn why she’s so passionate about this cause. Sharing your experiences may inspire another person to get a long-overdue mammogram or to conduct regular monthly self-exams. Or, it could inspire someone who is undergoing breast cancer treatment right now. Whatever the case, we are confident that many will be encouraged and inspired by the people featured on our site.

Empower Yourself
Educate yourself to learn your personal breast cancer risk and to know your options based on that risk. Take your health into your own hands. Literally.