Your SuperPower Store Collection

Our concept of having SuperPowers derived from Check the girls.® several years ago.  We designed a shirt for breast cancer survivors that said "I'm a Survivor. What's your SuperPower?"  We intended this to be a tribute of the strength of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who are currently undergoing treatment or who have finished treatment.  Survivorship starts at diagnosis.

Then we came to realize that every one of us has some sort of SuperPower. It can be serious or it can be fun. But some days, it takes a SuperPower to just get through the day...or at least it sometimes seems that way. Let's celebrate that!

Pick your own SuperPower and wear your badge with pride and with a smile!

It's easy to order your personalized t-shirt!
1) Pick your t-shirt style (regular or baseball - both are unisex styles).
2) Pick your t-shirt color.
3) Pick your SuperPower from our current list of choices.

Have new ideas? Send them our way and we'll consider producing your idea...and if we do, you get a FREE shirt! Just email us at