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Check the Girls Foundation

Check the Girls Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Iowa.


We educate.

We provide financial assistance through our various programs.


We exist because of our generous supporters. 

What do we do?
What do we do?
Open Hands

What do we do?

Essentially, we catch the people who "fall through the cracks" when it comes to other breast health financial assistance programs that are available through a woman's local hospital or county public health department. We do not compete with those programs - we supplement them. We provide financial assistance for those who fall just outside other various program parameters.

Patient Assistance Programs

Patient Assistance Programs

Gas Card Program

Check the Girls Foundation works with hospitals in Iowa to purchase gas cards in the increments deemed appropriate by the hospital. The cards are provided to the hospital and generally distributed by nurses and other caregivers who work closely with patient undergoing ANY type of cancer treatment.

Meal Certificate Program

Check the Girls Foundation works with hospitals and schools, grocery stores, or restaurants to have warm meals prepared for patients undergoing ANY type of cancer treatment. Patients are presented with two meal certificates - one for breakfast and one for dinner - that they redeem for individual or family-sized meals. All meals and supplies are paid for by Check the Girls Foundation. Meal certificates are distributed at the hospital to patients by nurses and other caregivers.

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